The State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg is sponsoring via the "Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg" a project in Mati managed by one of our project partner in Bangladesh with a donation of 15,500 euros.

The Mati project in Bangladesh that is supported by the foundation since more than 5 years, receives a grant of 15,550 euros from the State of Baden-Württemberg. The money is intended for the planned new facility "day-care center for children with disabilities with training courses for mothers" and was provided by the State Foundation "Foundation Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg".

It is a great success for the Mati project and for the foundation and a nationwide recognition of the work of the two co-operating organizations. Above all the State funding is an effective aid for families who are threatened economically and thus existentially in a special way by the disability of a child and therefore are under particularly high loads.
The aim is to set up a day care center for 25 children with physical and mental disabilities through an extension to the existing school of Mati. Mothers will also offered a sewing course that will help them later to earn their own income, which helps secure the existence of the family and strengthens the position of disadvantaged women in the family.
The support also includes a commitment to bring in a reasonable own contribution. The total costs of the project are 20,000 euros. The foundation “Stiftung 100” will contribute 3000 euros and Mati the rest of 1450 euros.
Stefan Naundorf and Wolfgang Schutzbach, members of the Board of the Foundation, will visit (at their own expense) in spring 2015 the Mati project following the invitation by the project manager Andrea Rahaman. Those who want to support this project as a project sponsor are asked to participate in the contribution of the Foundation through a donation. This donation will be directly transferred to the disabled project without any deduction. This donation qualifies for tax deduction.