The objective of the charitable foundation "Stiftung 100" is to aid people in the poor regions of the world who want to earn their living through their own initiative, in terms of helping people help themselves. We support small and medium-sized projects, which are aimed at meeting the basic needs of underprivileged people such as food, education, housing and health. Preference is given to projects and initiatives that meet meaningful economic and environmental criteria.

We currently support women networks, village development and training projects in Asia, Africa and Central America. Find out more under the heading "Projects". Become a benefactor and expand our circle of donors – for more information how to do this please refer to the section “How to become a benefactor or sponsor”.
Commit yourself permanently as a benefactor of the foundation “Stiftung 100” to take a stand against unfair living and working conditions in underprivileged countries. Unleash with your contribution a long-term outcome. Become a part of a democratically structured foundation for social justice.