Pupils from the Mati project

There are 3 routes to become a benefactor or sponsor.

1. You pay 1,000 euros to the foundation account and receive a benefactor certificate.

2. You pay a monthly or annual tranche and with the accumulation reaching the minimum of 1,000 euros you become a benefactor.


As a sponsor you also can contribute to the foundation "Stiftung 100":

1. As an individual with a monthly contribution from 1.00 euro

2. As a family with a monthly contribution from 1.50 euros

3. As a group / association with an annual contribution from 30.00 euros

4. As a company with an annual contribution from 100.00 euros


Those who do not want to become a benefactor and member of the foundation`s donor circle, can as sponsor provide the above-mentioned contributions and help the foundation in its work and projects. Sponsors receive all newsletters via email and the annual report on the finances and the work of the foundation.Please send an email to stefan.naundorf@stiftung100.de with a short notice that you want to become a sponsor or send us an informal letter stating the contribution amount for which you have chosen. Please indicate whether you want to participate in the direct debit scheme (we will send you the form for a debit order) or whether you will set up a standing order.

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